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Published: April 3, 2023

US Physicians and Supporters Visit Binaytara Foundation Cancer Hospital in Nepal

A group of the Binaytara Foundation’s supporters, led by BTF President Dr. Binay Shah, visited Nepal in March 2023. Traveling along with him were Dr. Mark Pegram of Stanford University, Dr. Nora Ku, Vice President of Clinical Development at Rain Oncology, Dr. Wendy Wang of the Everett Clinic, Ashley Farber of Caris Life Sciences, and Nick Holik. The team visited Kathmandu and Janakpur, participated in health camps organized by the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center, and attended the International Cancer Congress meeting.

The two-day health camp offered cancer screening in Lohana, Janakpurdham, where the new 200-bed cancer hospital will be built. 328 patients were screened, allowing them to receive early detection and treatment.

When asked about the trip, Ashley Farber said, “We had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich and vibrant Nepalese culture, lifestyle, and cuisine. Meeting the amazing people running the BTFCC, helping at the outpatient health clinic, and witnessing the oncology community coming together from around the world to share new and exciting research with their peers at the cancer conference brought joy into our hearts.”

The trip gave everyone a holistic understanding of the culture, history, and people that informed their view of our work at the BTFCC and our vision for improving cancer care in Nepal.

“The impact of the cancer center is immeasurable. Their vision of a state-of-the-art cancer care facility for the local people is inspiring. After visiting Janakpur and getting to know the locals’ culture, religion, and everyday life, I understand that the people there are more related to us and to the project BTF is pursuing. Knowing some of the highly treatable and curable cancers can be taken care of locally, I believe the new cancer hospital will change so many people's lives.” Explained Dr. Wendy Wang.

“The most fulfilling portion of our visit was seeing the hospital, attending the teaching conference, visiting the outpatient health clinic, and attending the 5th annual International Cancer Conference. The BTFCC fills an unmet need, and the new hospital will further provide much-deserved services to the people of this community and region of Nepal,” Dr. Nora Ku said. “A fundamental change in the perception of healthcare access and delivery is the path defined by BTFCC. We hope our visit demonstrated to our medical colleagues in Nepal our support of the educational and healthcare mission of BTFCC and our respect for their efforts to deliver high-quality medical care to their patients.”

Ashley Farber expressed her support of our work, stating, “The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center is a shining example of when the world comes together, we can help each other fight cancer. We are proud to be on this mission with the Binaytara Foundation to educate the world and save one life at a time.”

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